Hello, my name is

Vlad Larichev


I support companies on their digitalization journey through Software and AI, helping to drive business growth and enhance customer experiences.

Vlad Larichev

I am deeply convinced that AI and smart products have the potential to enrich people’s lives, open up fascinating new fields of work, and address global challenges. My goal is to support companies in their digital transformation to make these technologies more accessible and to develop smart products that can be seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives.

I believe that integrating AI into industry presents an opportunity to promote economic, environmental and social sustainability. By using smart technologies, we can create safer, more exciting and healthier workplaces, while strengthening our company’s position in the market.

I believe we can have a positive impact on the world through our work and look forward to working with other experts to achieve this vision.

My Why

Vlad Larichev

My Focus

I am passionate about new technologies and creating value for society through digital transformation.

Software Development

Extensive knowledge and experience in software development, including full-stack development, building web apps and platforms, and expertise in IIoT, AR/VR, and GIS.

Business Development

As an individual with a strong interest in business development, I am passionate about helping to create new revenue streams and enhancing the resilience, productivity, and sustainability of business operations. I enjoy devising personalized and intelligent products and services that cater to unique customer needs.

AI & Machine Learning

Deep knowledge and expertise in AI and machine learning, including leading software development in an AI department, developing and implementing software architecture for AI systems, and evaluating and integrating new technologies and tools.

Industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse will revolutionize the way we work and interact with machines. By creating a digital twin of a factory or industrial process, we can simulate different scenarios and optimize processes before they are implemented in the real world. This can save time and money while also improving safety and efficiency.

About me

I was always fascinated by the power of technology to solve complex problems and improve people’s lives. As I entered university to study environmental engineering, I quickly realized that I could combine my passion for technology with my desire to make a positive impact on the world.

During my time at university, I discovered my passion for software development, as I saw firsthand how it could directly improve processes and help people in their work and daily lives. After graduation, I began working in engineering consulting, where I honed my skills in full-stack development, building web apps and platforms, and working with IIoT, AR/VR, and GIS technologies.

As my career progressed, I began to focus more on the intersection of software development and AI, recognizing the enormous potential for these technologies to transform industries and create new opportunities. I was promoted to the position of Head of Software Development at a translation management company, where I built and led a team of developers working on SaaS solutions and AI. This experience allowed me to develop my expertise in machine learning, DevOps, and MLOps, and to deepen my understanding of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

Today, I am an expert in software development and AI, and I am passionate about using these technologies to help companies increase resilience, productivity, and sustainability in their business operations. With my deep knowledge of IT architecture and technological roadmapping, as well as my experience in change management and HR management, I am uniquely positioned to help companies find the right holistic solutions to their specific challenges.

Digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s about people.
– Brian Solis

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