Hello, my Name is

Vlad Larichev

I help companies on their digital transformation journey with innovative AI and software solutions that drive growth and improve the customer experience.

My Why

My mission is to harness AI to enhance lives and solve global issues by helping companies digitally transform and create accessible, everyday smart products.聽

Integrating AI into industry is seen as a key to driving sustainable growth鈥攅conomically, environmentally, and socially. Smart technologies are pivotal in creating safer, more engaging, and healthier workplaces, all while bolstering a company’s competitive edge.

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My Focus

I am passionate about new technologies and creating value for society through digital transformation.

Software Development

Extensive knowledge and experience in software development, including full-stack development, building web apps and platforms, and expertise in IIoT, AR/VR, and GIS.

Business Development

As an individual with a strong interest in business development, I am passionate about helping to create new revenue streams and enhancing the resilience, productivity, and sustainability of business operations. I enjoy devising personalized and intelligent products and services that cater to unique customer needs.

AI & Machine Learning

Deep knowledge and expertise in AI and machine learning, including leading software development in an AI department, developing and implementing software architecture for AI systems, and evaluating and integrating new technologies and tools.

Industrial Generative AI

The Industrial Generative AI will revolutionize the way we work and interact with machines. By integration of Generative AI in industrial and product development processes, we can streamline the processes and simplify the access to the information.聽

About me

I’ve always been captivated by technology’s problem-solving power and its impact on society. In university, studying environmental engineering, I merged my tech enthusiasm with my drive for positive change.

There I discovered my aptitude for software development and appreciated its direct benefits to people’s work and lives. After graduation, as a software engineer, I was able to sharpen my skills in full-stack development and deepen IoT, AR/VR and GIS technologies .

Advancing in my career, I gravitated towards the synergy of software development and AI, eventually leading a team as Head of Software Development at a translation management company, focusing on SaaS and AI solutions, where I expanded my knowledge in machine learning, work with NLP, Transformer Models, LLMs and ML-Ops topics.聽

Now, I’m an AI and software development expert, committed to aiding companies in boosting resilience, productivity, and sustainability and collaborating with fellow experts bring this vision to life.

Digital transformation
is not just about technology, it's about people.
- Brian Solis